Playdirty podcast 001 : Eurexit

playdirty podcast 001 - Eurexit


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Hi folks, It’s really a bad time for Europe. The economic model in force, brings in clear advantage some member states and others in a net economic disadvantage, and this contradicts what is reported in the text of the objectives to be achieved as a European community. The trick of the central bank will not make it to last for a long time, for the desire of someone, or because the sovereign people will be able to free themselves from this gigantic fraud of the century!

I would not have liked to start this musical project talking about europe … but when I write france the gillet jaunes are overturning france with sometimes very tough clashes with the police. Feeling very close to that people right now, I hope they will be able to get something concrete this time, and at the same time learn for whom to vote,  to not repeat the same experience.

In Italy it is not going much better. The new government seems to give up something in the decision of the budget program for 2019. The world economy is showing signs of a possible recession coming and for Italy, it would take a much more expansive maneuver than an unsuitable 2.4% this thing is know also from childrens, and I also from myself, that I am nobody.

I’m also waiting the solutions I personally view in the video [LINK] with alberto Bagnai, ” Ce lo chiede l’ europa ” or the minibot from Claudio Borghi [VIDEOLINK] ” Come vi porterò fuori dall’ euro “. Italy need also to clean whatever it takes from the past linked to PD & false Socialism. Media mainstream too ! Everything is under control of the power.

But let’s get back to the music. I have chosen meticulously, some songs in style deep house and dub techno, a mix more oriented to listening than to dance. But of course you can even dance it.

Enjoy everything was done with passion and love for the music.

See you next year … good end and good start !!!

Release NFO : Playdirty podcast 001 : Eurexit

Released : 03 December 2018

Encoder used Fraunhofer, mp3 320 kbps.

Total Duration : 01:43:35

Podcast Tracklist : [PLAYLIST PDF VERSION]

01] – Radius – Soul Rotation (Unreleased Mix) – Obsolete Machines (Stage Two) (echospace [detroit]) [LINK]

02] – Jon Fay (3) – DS Track – Planet NYNEX (Mîrk) [LINK]

03] – Leafar Legov – We Don’t Have To Talk About It – Family [Giegling] [LINK]

04] – Matthias Springer & Helly Larson – Rescue Me (Original Mix) – Turmfalke Episode Two [Diametral] [LINK]

05] – Matthias Springer – Horizon Below (Original Mix) – Beyond Horizon (DimbiDeep Music) [LINK]

06] – Mr. Cloudy – May Purpose – Planets – [Space Of Variants] [LINK]

07] – Aura Fresh – Coffee And Biscuits – Beyond The Five Senses [Rohs! Records] [LINK]

08] – Conforce pres. Silent Harbour – Pelagia (Original Mix) – Noctiluca (Echocord) [LINK]

09] – Sibling – Hearing Sense (Original Mix) – Obfuscating [Greyscale]-2 [LINK]

10] – Wiklow – On your teeth (Original Mix) – VA – EMINQC Vol 2 (LANDR, Self-Released) [LINK]

11] – Dustcraft – Lost Path – VA – Futur[e]cho 2017 [Cold Fiction Music] [LINK]

12] – 2OMA – Gemini (Original Mix) – VA – Kirill Matveev pres. Marbled Dubs, Vol. 1 MixCult Records [LINK]

13] – Ilya Orange – Echo Factory (Original Mix) – VA – Kunst Musik V2 [Kunst Musik] [LINK]

14] – Dimbidub – Tone 1 – VA – Tales of Dub and Techno, Vol. 12 [Complex Textures] [LINK]

15] – joergmueller – Drop That Stone – Various Artists – Heavy Dub Vol. 2 [Cold Tear Records] [LINK]

16] – Minimal Boffin – Oh No Dub – Various Artists – Heavy Dub Vol. 2 [Cold Tear Records] [LINK]

17] – Yagya – Change (Original Mix) – Yagya – Will I Dream During the Process [Delsin Records] [LINK]

18] – Mr. Cloudy – Dream Of You – Planets – [Space Of Variants] [LINK]

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playdirty podcast 001 - Eurexit
playdirty podcast 001 – Eurexit

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